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To determine the extent of the patient's carbohydrate malabsorption by measuring the product of a gastrointestinal enzyme such as fructase or lactase in a sample derived from the patient. Measurement of the enzymatic product is performed by methods known in the art and disclosed herein, including the hydrogen and methane breath tests. The physician then provides the compositions described herein in amounts that reduce or eliminate one or more symptoms of ibs. A therapeutic system for treating, reducing and/or controlling carbohydrate malabsorption is in the form of a package containing a therapeutic composition containing b. Coagulans and a supplementary digestive enzyme in combination with packaging material. The packaging material includes a label or instructions for use of the components of the package. The instructions describe the use of the packaged component as described herein for the methods or compositions of the invention. By way of example, and not of limitation, a system can comprise one or more unit dosages of a composition according to the present invention. Alternatively, the system can alternately contain bulk quantities of a composition. The label contains instructions for using the therapeutic composition in either unit dose or in bulk forms as appropriate, and may also include information regarding storage of the composition, disease indications, dosages, routes and modes of administration and the like information. Furthermore, depending upon the particular contemplated use, the system may optionally contain either combined or in separate packages one or more of the following components: bifidogenic oligosaccharides, flavorings, carriers, and the like components. One particularly preferred embodiment comprises unit dose packages of bacillus coagulans bacteria, for use in combination with a conventional liquid product, together with instructions for combining the bacteria with the liquid product, for use in a therapeutic method. The methods and compositions described herein are useful in the treatment of celiac disease. 100 mg generic viagra generic viagra online buy viagra viagra cheap buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra for sale buy viagra overnight delivery buy viagra online cheap viagra for sale Celiac disease is a hereditary disorder that is caused by sensitivity to the gliadin fraction of gluten, a cereal protein found in wheat and rye and less so in barley and oats. The prevalence of celiac disease.



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