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Brighten up your wardrobe and have a little fun with a tiny bit of sunshine and bling!  These adorable pendants and pins go anywhere, and make the perfect little happy gift!  I like to include a little pin when I give a card....what an added treat! 

~Remember--many of these, especially the jewelry with attached bead bundles, are not recommended for small children under 4.  Any child should always be supervised with small items that may be considered choking hazards!

Autism Awareness Hands Around the World-Autism awareness, awareness, autism, support, research, pendant, necklace, colorful, ribbon, puzzlepiece, silver, ballchain, green,
Autism Awareness Hands Around the World
I Love to Dance-Dance, Love, pendant, necklance, silver, ballchain, ribbon, crystal, rhinestone, bling, acrylic, bead, beads, passion, jewelry, gift, lucite, flower
I Love to Dance
Personalized Zebra Stripe and Lime Green-Personalized, zebra, lime green, necklace,bottlecap, ribbon, ballchain, swarovski crystals, bling, acrylic lucite flower, dangles, pearl, gift, fun
Personalized Zebra Stripe and Lime Green
Autism Awareness II-Autism awareness, awareness, research, pendant, necklace, green, yellow, ballchain, ribbon, gift, silver, ballchain,support
Autism Awareness II
Teacher with Heart-Teacher, heart, necklace, red, pink, beads, bling, silver, pink, acrylic, lucite, flower, charm, pendant, ballchain, ribbon
Teacher with Heart
Inspire-Inspire, red, green, apple, teacher, pendant, necklace, silver, ballchain, ribbon, bling, bead, lucite, flower, acrylic, gift, special, swarovski, crystal, pearl
Soccer Ball with Shoes-Soccer, ball, cleats, shoes, crystal, bling, acrylic, silver, ribbon, ballchain, gift, play charms, pendant, fun
Soccer Ball with Shoes
Soccer Chick-Soccer, chick, necklace, bottlecap, ballchain, silver, pink, ribbon, white, ribbon, gift, bling, swarovski, crystal, beads
Soccer Chick
Summer Fun-Summerfun  silver ballchain necklace orange seashore summer fish crab blue bottlecap pendant bling swarovski crystal beads silver gift ribbon
Summer Fun
Ballet Pointe Shoes-ballet pointeshoes slippers pink bling swarovskicrystal gift birthday crystal blingball pearl flower lucite tiny silverballchain silver ballchain pink ribbon necklace bottlecap
Ballet Pointe Shoes
Spring Tulip Necklace and Pin Combo-spring, tulips, pink, necklace, ribbon, ballchain, pin, swarovski crystals, acrylic swirl beads, lucite flowers, bead bundles, beads, gifts, Mother's Day, Easter, bottlecap necklace, bottlecap, silver, green, tulips, tulip bottlecap necklace, necklace and pin combo
Spring Tulip Necklace and Pin Combo
Spring Tulip Necklace-spring, tulips, necklace, gift, silver, lime green, hot pink, pink, bottlecap, swarovski crystal, acrylic pearl, lucite, gift, mother, sister, friend silver ballchain necklace, bottlecap necklace, spring necklace, tulip necklace
Spring Tulip Necklace
Imagine Pin-pin, brooch, broach, imagine, gift, swarovski crystal, crystal, lucite, flower, beads, jewelry
Imagine Pin
Little Bluebird Pin-pin, brooch, broack, gift, Spring, bird, bluebird, jewelry, silver, crystal rhinestone, bead bundle, beads, swarovski crystal
Little Bluebird Pin
Tulip Lapel Pin-tulip, lapel, pin, silver, pink, Spring, gift, jewelry, bottlecap, crystal, swarovski, brooch, broach, lapel pin, bottlecap lapel pin, tulip lapel pin, jewelry gift
Tulip Lapel Pin
Autism Awareness -Spell it Out-autism, awareness, bottlecap, necklace, support, gift, bead, silver, crystal, lucite, green, ribbon, ballchain, gift, puzzle piece, autism awareness, bottlecap necklace, bottlecap gifts, support autism awareness
Autism Awareness -Spell it Out
Personalized Zebra Stripe 'n Brites-bottlecap, necklace, silver, ballchain, ribbon, green, blue, pink, zebra stripe, personalized, ribbon, beads, lucite, bling, swarovski, crystals, gift, birthday, girls, teens, tweens, bottlecap necklace, personalized bottlecap necklace, personalized gift
Personalized Zebra Stripe 'n Brites
Personalized Brite Pink and Green Sizzle Pins-Personalized, pin, brite, green, pink, bling, crystal, Swarovski, bead, bundle, bling, lucite, gift, accessory, wardrobe, fun, sizzle, clutch back, pin back, personalized pin
Personalized Brite Pink and Green Sizzle Pins
Personalized Bunny Initials-bunny, initial, pink, black, necklace, pendant, child, gift, Easter, Spring, ballchain, beads, bling, Swarovski, rhinestone, pearl, bling, personalized, personalized necklace, bottlecap necklace
Personalized Bunny Initials
Hearts and Flowers Pin-bottlecap, pin, beads, bundle, bling ball, swarovski, crystals, Spring, gift clutch-style, lucite flower, pearl, clutch-back pin, bottlecap pin, lapel pin
Hearts and Flowers Pin
Personalized Pretty in Pink-pink, bottlecap, necklace, silver, ribbon, ballchain, beads, bead, bundle, Swarovski, crystal, gift, white, personalized, bling, crystal, flower, bottlecap necklace, personalized bottlecap necklace, pink personalized necklace
Personalized Pretty in Pink
American Spirit-American, Spirit, bottlecap, necklace, red, white, blue, independence, fourth of July, holiday, gift
American Spirit
Yankee Doodle 4th of July-Yankee, Doodle, bottlecap, USA, necklace, red, white, blue, gift, independence, fun, celebrate
Yankee Doodle 4th of July
Red, White and Blue Forever!-Red, white, blue, necklace, bottlecap, 4th of July, holiday, patriotic, gift, glitter, bling, spirit of independence, holiday gift, bottlecap necklace
Red, White and Blue Forever!
Betty Boop-Betty Boop, bottlecap, necklace, silver, ballchain, bead bundle, beads, red, white, blue, bling beads, jewelry, bottlecap jewelry, bottlecap necklace, Betty Boop bottlecap necklace, Betty Boop necklace, silver ballchain necklace, patriotic Betty Boop necklace, gift, birthday gift, Betty Boop gift, bottlecap necklace gift
Betty Boop
Military Camo Princess-necklace, jewelry, bottlecap, military, Army, princess, camo, necklace,  ribbon, ball chain, pendant, military princess necklace, bottlecap necklace, military camo necklace, military camo ribbon necklace
military princess with silver ball chain necklace, military gift, camo gift, jewelry gift, military jewelry, fun bottlecap necklace, fun bottlecap jewelry, bottlecap necklace, bottlecap jewelry
Military Camo Princess
Air Force, Marine and Navy Princess Pendants-bottlecap necklace, military necklace, air force, marines, navy, red, white, blue, silver ball chain, red ribbon necklace, blue ribbon necklace, military princess necklace, air force necklace, marine necklace, navy necklace, military princess necklace, military bottlecap necklace, fun bottlecap necklace, bottlecap necklace gift, teen gift, tween gift, teen necklace, tween necklace
Air Force, Marine and Navy Princess Pendants
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